Talking robot assistant for children

OVObots helps to give individual exercises and monitor kids progress.

Our Mission is to

Help children learn

OVObot is a fun and effective way to deepen your learning.


OVObots help provide individual additional exercises and monitor progress.


We want to promote methods that will help teacher discover learning difficulties before they become a problem.

We want to inspire and hook children to learn new things.

With the help of a robot, the child gets an additional exercise in the areas that are currently topical for each child. The robot also provides instant feedback on each task, saving teachers time for other tasks.

Robot independently asks children questions about mathematics, and the children give an answer by saying it to the robot.

Robot utilizes advanced speech recognition and question management. It can automatically adjust the questions to the child’s skill level and raise the level as the child learns.

OVObots assistance robots have been designed and manufactured in Finland, in cooperation with Finnish teachers. Suitable for early childhood education, pre-school and primary school.

OVObots are also well suited for language training. Ask more about language alternatives.



  • Position- and relations
  • Spacey relations
  • Left and Right
  • Shapes
  • Bigger or smaller


  • How many
  • Number recognition
  • Comparison of amounts
  • Sequences
  • 2-9 number partitions
  • 10-pairs


  • Adition- and subtraction
    (number range 1 – 11)
  • Multiplying
    (number range 1 – 6)
  • Division (number range 1 – 6) 


  • Hours
  • Half an hour
  • Quarter to
  • Minutes


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