We are a Finnish educational technology company that develops learning applications based on speech user interfaces. Our mission is to help children learn. We are developing methods to make it possible for everyone in a fun and effective way.

OVObots is AI Robots Oy’s brand, product and learning platform.

We develop products that can be used to review what has already been learned, learn new things and promote methods that help to detect learning difficulties before they become problems, as well as to detect various patterns of anomalous behavior at an early stage and identify the first stages of exclusion.

As defined when the Finnish primary school system was created, we want to support the growth of students as people and members of society, and to teach the necessary knowledge and skills.

If you want more information about our product please send a message: jussi@ovobots.com


With best regards,

Jussi Wright
Founder & CEO

AI Robots Oy