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Auttaa lapsia oppimaan

OVObotit ovat hauska tapa kerrata opittua ja oppia uutta

OVObots helps to give more individual exercises and monitor progress.


With the help of a robot, the child gets an additional exercise in the areas that are currently topical for each child. The robot also gives immediate feedback on each task, saving the teacher time for other tasks.

Robot independently asks questions and the children give an answer by saying it to the robot.

A teacher can follow the progress of the children at the desired moment from their computer and, if necessary, intervene in those areas that seem to cause difficulties for a child.

The robot utilizes advanced speech recognition and management of questions. It can automatically adapt the questions to the child’s skill level and raise the level when the child learns.

OVObots assistance robots have been designed and manufactured in Finland, in cooperation with Finnish teachers. Suitable for early childhood education, pre-school and primary school.

OVOs are also well suited for language training. 


Equal education for all.

OVObots gives education without discrimination.


OVObots always,

  • teaches good behavior
  • behave kindly and politely
  • settles on the level of each student
  • encourage and support children
  • take advantage of the best teaching methods
  • treats everyone equally, regardless of background, religion or gender

OVObots are never tired or in a bad mood.

Why physical robot and not just computer?

The sympathetic figure brings more empathy to childrens conversation than just a computer.

Speak training helps to apply the skills also in social situations.