PRODUCT for HOMES. Engaging teacher robot for 5-12 years kids. Speech recognition with teaching software. Web application allows also use with phone or tablet. 


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Engaging learning robot for 5-12 year kids. Speech recognition with advanced learning software.

Design and made in Finland.


  • Robot body with touchpad
    • software preinstalled
    • set your wifi-password and start learning
    • Easy and safe to use (up to 5 years olds)
  • 1 year software licence.
    • Vocabulary, concepts, math, clock (more detailed descriptions of the content can be found at this link)

Upon expiration of the software license, a new license can be purchased from the online store either one year at a time or automatically renewable.

Let’s take care of our environment and charity. We redeem unnecessary robots for charity with a € 100 gift card. The gift card can be used to purchase our online license.

Product Size: 250x200x150mm.