OVObot Teacher - Web App | School edition

Learning Application for 5-12 year old kids (KS2).
Engaging learning software to learn math, numbers, clock, letters and vocabulary with flashcards.
Advanced Voice User Interface with Speech Recognition.

– Made in Finland –

48.00 / month

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OVObot Teacher – Kids Learning software  | School edition

AI powered Voice user Interface.

Subscription based one year software lisence for 1 teacher and up to 25 childrens. Suits best for kindergarten, preschool and 1. and 2. grade. Online learning tool to test, practice and monitor kids skills on:

— learn alphabet
— word flashcards with pictures

— Numbers
— Addition subtraction
— Learning multiplication

— Learn to tell the time

This educational sofware is for schools only. You can find the learning apps for private individuals at this link.

This order does not include a physical robot.