Buy OVObot teacher to your home

Educational online learning app with AI powered Voice Interface. Best for 5-12 year old kids (KS2).

Its Great tool for the teacher to engage kids,  give extra exercises, repetitions and homework assignments.

OVObot Teacher´s motto:
– Share enthusiasm.
– Make a game out of it.
– Give the children an active role.
– Provide experiences
– Colorful visuals
– Stories are always interesting
– Be clear and be consistent.

4 interactive, voice-guided study modules and a monitoring panel for teachers. OVObots adaptt automatically to the user’s skill level. 

Educational learning software works on our OVOrobot, phones, tablets or computers.

Choose the best platform for you and start the lerning journey! 

In the robot, the program is pre-installed. If you want to use the program only your computer, tablet or phone, you can purchase also the license only.

" OVObot teacher makes speech-based personal learning assistance available to everyone. As if everyone had their own private tutor who asks questions that are just right for your childrens skill level and gives feedback after each question."
Jussi Wright
Founder & CEO


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