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#Discussion of the education learning applications, curriculums, teaching methods and distance learning.
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Jussi Wright
Co-Founder & CEO
AI Robots

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(4.8.2020, Finland)

Hello everyone interested in early childhood education, new educational apps and distance learning methods.

I will start in the autumn of 2020 with a blog series related to e.g. topics educational apps, curriculum for kids, math teaching methods and language learning methods. The aim is to gather best practices, opinions of experts and users, and to look a little bit at what future teaching materials should be. The blog also highlights traditional teaching methods that have been proven to be good and are also worth taking advantage of in new teaching programs being developed in the field of EdTech. The starting point in the scriptures is to think about what the best teaching aids should be in order to be of most benefit to both teachers and children. We also compare Finland’s curriculum slightly with the curricula of other countries and discuss their differences.

The purpose of the blog is not to choose the best teaching or learning app, the best curriculum, or to say what is the best way to teach math or the best way to teach languages, but to present and reflect on good practice and research findings to find the best distance learning methods. Of course, we strive to take these well-established and research-proven practices into account in our own development work as we strive to develop OVObot as the best teaching aid in the world. Distance learning and distance learning methods are still in their infancy, but there seems to be a growing need for them in situations where contact learning is not possible or available.

We strive to promote open learning in our own work. The goal is to expand access to and participation in learning for as many people as possible. In line with open learning, we aim to lower barriers to learning and increase its accessibility, accessibility, provision and learner-centredness. These things are already happening well in Finland, but in the world they are by no means self-evident or commonplace.

My name is Jussi Wright and I am AI Robots Oy’s co-founder and OVObot teachers head developer. My own background is related to product development.  I am a Design technologist and Social Robots Developer. Working at the intersection of design, development and UX. I like merging design, technology, usability and content. On behalf of my personal background I am the questioner. I want to know why and why not. Jing and Jang on Design – How things could be done differently and on the other hand why change something that already works. 

Visiting experts and teaching professionals in the blog will give opinions based on research and pedagogy. 

Before launching the blog, I hope you order our newsletter and send comments and questions via the message box below. Among subscribers, blog commentators, and Facebook likes, we draw some robots and free licenses to our OVObot teacher, which launch in the fall 2020.

Thanks for reading and see you again soon!

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