OVObot Assistant for Kids in Schools & Homes

Video Introduction to the program and the Robot.

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FAQ about the OVObot Teaching Assistant

Here you will find general questions and information related to OVObot teachers.

Including a variety of topics like product info, features, content, how to use, where to get, prices, and much more. If you do not find the answer you are looking for, ask us directly via the message box below.

OVO asks questions and children respond by saying the answer aloud. If necessary, you can also learn quietly by typing answers or using headphones.

With OVObot, you can practice either in front of a robot and with your own phone or tablet, both at school and at home.

OVObot is a web app so you can open it in any browser via our website or directly by saving the link to your desktop.

The program works best with the Chrome browser. Support for Apple devices will be in early 2021. Now the program works on all android, windows and linux devices.

The use of a robot does not require any special knowledge. The child can use it independently after a little instruction.

Robot is based on automatic speech recognition (ASR) and natural language understanding (NLP / NLU).

If the user speaks English as their native language (ESL), the exercises are suitable for 5-12 year olds.

If you are learning English with the help of the program, then OVObot is also suitable for older students (EFL).


    • OVObot asks questions from children and children answer questions.
    • OVObott can be used either silently by writing the answers or by saying the answers aloud to it. 
    • OVObot speaks English and utilises advanced speech recognition to understand verbal answers.

OVObots Pedagogy is based on the values and principles of the Finnish National ECEC  (Early Childhood Education and Care) and Finnish Curriculum.

OVObot guides children through the content of early childhood education and basic education in elementary in concepts and mathematics (5-12 years). There are also clock exercises, the alphabet and extensive vocabulary exercises recommended by the Finnish National Board of Education.

OVObot automatically adapts to the user’s skill level and asks questions in the order recommended by the curriculum and the latest research on teaching.

It is loaded with the best and latest teaching methods, for example, what is the best way to learn and teach the basics of mathematics. Finland has the best knowledge and results in this field in Finland. The world’s leading PISA scores in mathematics combined with student happiness, breaks on school days, short school days, a small number of homework assignments. This is only possible with effective teaching methods. Just 15 minutes a day is enough to improve performance with OVObot as well.

OVObot’s teaching methods have been designed using the strong tradition of Finnish basic education and the latest research. Numerous teachers and teaching researchers have been involved in the design of the content and its structure.

  • Helps with distance learning and independent learning at home or school.
  • OVObot helps children learn and remember by repeating things they have already learned in school.
  • Helps test math skills in the order of the most recent teaching research.
  • Inspires children by offering a different approach compared to paper assignments.
  • Helps to understand and pronounce English
  • Repetition is needed to keep learned things permanently in mind.
  • The robot helps kids to learn the lessons through the conversation.
  • In this way, even quieter or more shy students will be able to speak out and react.
  • Helps the teacher or parent identify potential problem areas.
  • OVObot adapts to the learner’s own skill level and asks questions about exactly what would be good to learn next.
  • When learning with OVObot, the child receives immediate feedback after each task.
  • In front of the OVOrobots, children are not afraid to make mistakes. Sometimes children are ashamed to express themselves in front of the teacher and are afraid of mistakes. OVObots can help children solve this problem.
  • It is a challenge to give individual review and feedback to some students while at the same time teaching and keeping peace in the classroom. OVObot helps with this problem.

The use of a program or robot does not require any special knowledge and the child can use it independently after a little guidance.

After a short guidance, the child can use the program even if they do not yet know how to read or write.

Teachers or parents also do not need special technical skills.

Children’s progress can be monitored by logging in to the teacher’s own website.

From the login point of program, select ADULT and enter the password to access the control panel where you can monitor the children’s progress.


The training is started by pressing the big GO button on the robot screen. OVObot asks for a name so you know and remember who to ask questions to.

The robot compares the said name to the name on the teacher’s control panel and if said name is found in the student list then you can test your skills.

The student list on the teacher’s control panel shows which students OVObot identifies when introducing themselves. The teacher can add or remove names as needed.

A robot is not required. You can also use the program on your own mobile devices by purchasing a Software license. BUT Kids love to do tasks with the Robot and …

  • The figure is Engaging and easily approachable
  • It improves concentration compared to normal the tablet because it only has a OVObot software installed and it cannot be used to play or browse the web.
  • In front of the robot, children are not afraid to make mistakes. 
  • Physical character that brings more of an atmosphere of communication to learning than just a phone or tablet
  • Children have been studied to behave differently with the character compared to the phone or tablet alone.

We have two sizes:

  • The small one is 22 cm high
  • The big one is 30 cm high

You can create a shortcut to the program on your phone or computer desktop. First open the program in the chrome browser and click on the three dots in the upper right corner and select: More Tools -> Create Shortcut …

This procedure will create a link from which you will be able to access the program directly with one click in the future.

  1. A web application doesn’t require any installation and runs on your web browser.
  2. Web apps are accessible anywhere
  3. There is no update hassle
  4. You don`t have to worry about system requirements

Yes. If OVObot is used at school, then with the teacher’s email and PIN code, the child can also log in to the program from home.

The program can also be purchased directly from home if the school does not already have it in use.

Support for Apple devices will be in early 2021. Now OVObot works best with the Chrome browser on Android devices as well as computers running Windows and Linux operating systems.

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