The Mission

There is a need for help

Many children need individual extra tasks in addition to general teaching.

Teachers often do not have enough time to give individual extra tasks to children.

With the help of a robot, the child gets more exercise in exactly the areas that are currently up to date. The robot also gives immediate feedback on each task, so checking and giving feedback do not take the teacher time.

A teacher can follow the progress of the children at the desired moment from their computer and, if necessary, intervene in those areas that seem to cause difficulties for a child

The robot asks questions about math issues independently from the children, and the kids give an answer by saying it aloud to the robot. The robot utilizes advanced speech recognition and management of questions. It can automatically adapt the questions to the child’s skill level and raise the level when the child learns.

OVObots assistance robots have been designed and manufactured in Finland, in cooperation with Finnish teachers. Suitable for early childhood education, pre-school and primary school.

OVOs are also well suited for S2 induction and language training. Ask more about language alternatives and ongoing pilot projects.


The header for Values

It is a need for more individual adaptive learning practice. Kids need more attention on learning.

OVO helps teachers by adaptive training methods

  • Teach maths through speech and conversation
  • Helps to find the learning difficulties at earlier stage 
  • It can adapt to kid’s skill level 
  • More time for teacher on repeating questions and issues 
  • Proved math teaching methods, based on Finnish curriculum (developed together with teachers)

Why teaching robot?

  • The sympathetic figure brings more empathy to children than a computer
  • Talking to a robot brings the user experience to a new level.
  • Multi-sense conversation, Touch, listen, talk, …

Robots with a mission

We believe in positive educational and social impact throug conversation

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